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ECG Watch Pro™ with AFib detection

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Check out our NEW and FDA Approved ECG Watch!

❤️ Check Afib: The ECG Watch allows you to check for atrial fibrillation (Afib), which is an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to stroke or heart failure.

🫀 24/7 Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring to keep track of your heart activity throughout the day and night.


🗣️ Respiration Rate Monitor allows you to track your breathing patterns, detect any potential issues with your respiratory system, and take appropriate action to avoid any health complications.


🩸Monitor your Blood Concentration to detect any potential issues with your blood glucose levels, such as diabetes.

🌡️ Body Temperature Monitor helps you monitor changes in your body temperature, detect any potential fever, and take appropriate action to avoid any health complications.

👣 Step and Calorie Counter helps you track your physical activity, set fitness goals, and monitor your progress, which can be helpful in achieving your health and fitness objectives.

📱 Syncs seamlessly with both IOS and Android - no matter what phone you use, we got you covered.


🔋Long Lasting Battery Life-  7 days Daily Use and 20 Days Stendby Time depending on usage

✔️ Easy to Set up so you can start using the smartwatch right away and enjoy its features without delay. You don't need to be tech-savvy using it.

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Introducing the ECG Smartwatch - the ultimate health and fitness companion for the modern individual. This innovative device combines the latest in wearable technology with advanced medical capabilities, allowing you to monitor your heart health and activity levels with ease.

This allows for early detection of potential heart issues, such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), and can even be used to take a clinically-valid ECG.

In addition to its ECG capabilities, the smartwatch also includes a range of fitness and activity tracking features, including step counting, sleep monitoring, and workout tracking. With its sleek and stylish design, the ECG Smartwatch is the perfect way to stay on top of your health and fitness goals.


Introducing our latest and most advanced smartwatch, equipped with electrocardiogram (ECG) technology. This smartwatch allows you to take an ECG reading right from your wrist, providing you with detailed information about your heart's rhythm and electrical activity.

This feature can help detect abnormal heartbeats, such as atrial fibrillation, which is a leading cause of stroke. With this technology, you can easily keep track of your heart's health, and take action if needed.


Our smartwatch is designed to perform accurate and convenient body temperature checks. It features a high-precision infrared sensor that detects the temperature of your skin, providing readings in just seconds.

The watch also has a color-coded fever indicator that alerts you if your temperature is elevated.

Additionally, the watch can store your temperature readings and track them over time, so you can monitor any changes in your body temperature. This feature makes it a useful tool for monitoring your health and identifying potential issues early on.


Oxygen level is something that is neglected by many but it is crucial in determining our health as well.

Our smartwatch comes with a (photoplethysmography) PPG sensor that non-invasively monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood by shining light through your skin and measuring the amount of light that is absorbed.

The data is then analyzed and displayed on the watch's screen in real-time, allowing you to keep track of your oxygen levels throughout the day.


Our smartwatch is the ultimate fitness companion, designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Equipped with advanced tracking technology, it can accurately record and monitor your daily activity levels, including steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. Whether you're going for a run, hitting the gym, or just going about your day, our smartwatch will track your progress and provide you with detailed data to help you stay on track.

Additionally, the smartwatch also includes a variety of built-in fitness programs and modes, such as running, cycling, and swimming, that are tailored to your specific workout routine. This allows you to track your performance and progress over time, and to easily set and achieve new fitness milestones.

Disclaimer: VitalityWatches is not a medical device and should only be used as an addition to your regular medical devices.


What is the ECG Watch Pro™?

  • The ECG Watch Pro™ is a cutting-edge smartwatch designed to monitor heart health. Equipped with advanced ECG sensors, it can detect atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common heart rhythm disorder. This smartwatch not only tracks your heart's electrical activity but also provides continuous heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and real-time health alerts, making it an essential device for maintaining overall well-being.

Is the ECG Watch Pro™ waterproof?

ECG Watch Pro™can be worn while washing hands or in the rain. However we recommend avoiding swimming or showers to prevent damage to the device.

How long does the battery last on the ECG Watch Pro™

ECG Watch Pro™ can be worn while washing hands or when it's raining, however we recommend avoiding shower or swimming to prevent damage to the device.

How do I charge ECG Watch Pro™?

ECG Watch Pro™ can be easily charged with the included charger. The charging time is approximately 2 hours

How do I take an ECG reading?

Place your fingers on the watch's electrodes for about 30 seconds.

Is the ECG Watch Pro™ safe to wear?

Yes, the ECG Watch Pro™ is safe to wear. It is designed with high-quality materials that are skin-friendly and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and reliability. The device is also compliant with health and safety standards, making it a secure option for continuous heart health monitoring.